Words and Reality

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.” - Yehuda Berg

This week our nation had the opportunity to tune into a presidential debate where the topic of “grabbing pussy” was a key issue. Our nation’s election has become too inappropriate a topic for grade school civic and government classes.

Many were shocked by Trump’s “locker-room banter.” Many more of us were horrified, but not surprised. After all, he’s already labeled individual women as, “pigs, slobs, disgusting, gold diggers, pieces of ass and animals” without apology.

Many may have hoped that the labeling and name calling were simply superficial manifestations of a man who likes to “tell it like it is.” Many Trump supporters likely still believe it. One female supporter told the New York Times exactly that, saying it was simply an example of “men talking.” She told the reporter this is the way it is, “from businessmen to kids.”

But she’s wrong. It’s not “just” talk. Words have power. Literally. When you examine anything in existence at it’s most basic level, you’ll find that all matter is essentially the same -- just varying densities of vibration. When we speak, waves of energy carry what was an internal dialogue, mental narrative, belief, or idea into the world with vibratory force. The language you use represents your reality, perception and relation to other human beings. It’s how we connect. It’s how we bring ideas into action. It’s also how we unite, lead and govern.

Thoughts inform our words and words inform our actions and the actions of those around us. Without words, nothing you think could be communicated to become a reality. Words serve as the bridge between thought and action. Words enable our thoughts to manifest our reality. And this is the case when they are spoken with intention or in haste. They also confirm, reflect, and, in some cases betray, our innermost thoughts.  

Trump’s words symbolize his reality. It should not be surprising that a man who calls a female reporter a menstruating bimbo would grab women’s genitals because “stars” can do whatever they want, and the women will “let you do it.” How often is this code, we wonder, for “not press charges.” Women understand the justice system favors white men with money and privilege. Better to tolerate Trump -- grabbing and groping your body, laughing at his advances even -- than ruin your life standing up for yourself.

Considering the power of words to represent thought, character and intention, how is it that anyone can logically pick and choose the words of Donald Trump -- claiming some are “just talk” while others are heartfelt affirmations and calls to action? Words cannot be dismissed, not entirely or in part. They align with character. They reflect who he is at his core.  

The future leader of our nation should be someone who understands honor and respect. Not someone who represents the lowest common denominator and gets admiration for “telling it like it is.” A president should be someone who represents the way things should be and uses his words accordingly.

Human Unlimited
Human Unlimited