About Human Unlimited


Identifying as human can be humbling, unifying, and empowering all at once. It’s the one true identity that we all share. Respecting, but sidestepping the religious and mystical realms, to be human is also special. And to be human at this point in time is super special. We truly are the first species to arrive at a place in time where we can actively participate in the evolution of ourselves as a species - biologically, environmentally, and socially.

Before now, evolution was a reaction to environmental pressures. Now we can influence the process to a degree. That’s reality and we think it's useful if people are introduced to this reality or gently reminded of it. It's something that can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

However, so much of what happens on this evolutionary scale ties back to each of us individually. Evolving as a species is very dependent on how we evolve as individuals. And as individuals are we furthering ourselves or are we taking a step back?

So with Human Unlimited, we're focused on the macro and the micro. We have a keen interest in what it is to be human, how we work, and how we can unleash the potential within us to change the world and to change lives – for the better.