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The More Ornery Do No Harm Tank

I just wanted to say that I got my new shirt and not only do I love the cut and feel of the fabric but I just loved the presentation of the packaging. I just adore folks who put LOVE into the details!
- Fayren Chang

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The Do no harm ~ But Take No Shit Kickboxing Crew! -Teresa Billiot Darsey

People loved my do no harm tank today! Someone tried to buy it off my back! -Mist Toler

The Idea: 
Do No Harm, But Take No Shit... Live your life in a way that leaves a trail of goodness in your wake. But also live it so you are not left trampled on that same trail of good you blazed for others.

For some, this shirt sums up the way they already live their lives - a proclamation of knowing your worth and knowing the worth of those around you. For others it’s a mantra of what they aspire to be. A bold, physical and public proclamation of what is quietly and privately being worked on inside.

Your journey is as unique as the way this shirt speaks to you. Wear it as a celebration of being a force for good – for others, and for yourself. That’s beauty.

And if you want, share your journey, your path and your reasons with us.

The Tank:
This soft poly cotton blend with a modern fit come in black, white, mint and soft pink, so you can do no harm in a range of color. 

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