Live Stream

No more excuses! :-) It’s always the right time and the perfect place to practice with our live stream classes.  You can jump on your mat and join us for a class anytime, anywhere through the Human Unlimited Facebook page. The live stream starts 10 minutes before class begins and gets stored under the video section of our page so you can replay at your convenience.  Check our schedule for class times and remember that all times are EST.   

Tips: During class we occasionally use blocks and straps. Don’t have these at home, no problem! Use a large book or water bottle in place of a block. Scarves, towels, belts, shirts work perfectly in place of a strap.  Also, if for some reason the Internet is not cooperating during a given class, we apologize in advance.  Periodically you may experience a 10-15 second buffering delay.  If that's the case, just be patient and the stream will resume.  If for some reason it doesn't, we recommend firing up a class that's already been pre-recorded.  

If you have any other questions or comments either direct message us on Facebook or send an email to!