We spread ideas | We infuse our classes with ideas and themes meant to provoke deeper thinking and challenge our minds along with our bodies. Our themes are drawn from everyday life, music, art, and literature. No matter where our inspiration is drawn from, we strive to share how these teachings and messages translate from the mat into modern life.

We unleash potential | By removing the financial barrier to yoga with a donation-based model, accessible in-studio and via live stream, we open access to the transformative tools of the practice to everyone. We want everyone to explore the edges of their minds, bodies, spirits, and beliefs because THIS is where the magic (aka our growth and greatness) happens. Why should that be limited to certain segments of our population?

We keep it real | We teach from first-hand experience in order to make the themes, ideas, and even traditional yogic teachings relatable and applicable to life today. While the vibrations of OM may rattle the walls around you at the end of some classes, the music that fills our 60 and 75-minute flows is contemporary. We use our playlists to bridge the gap between words, ideas, and feelings.