The Three C's

"Any fool can complain, control and compare - and most do." - Inspired By Benjamin Franklin

We all want to be successful and happy and creative.  We all know that certain things need done to move closer, to enter the flow, of the water that runs this course. We also know the process of moving and flowing towards these better things in life is its own reward.  Agreed? Good. Now, here are things derailing your efforts.

Whether you’re striving toward an ideal career, more meaningful relationships or the creation of the Great American Novel, you won’t have much luck if you’re doing any of the following:

Complaining - At its best this is misdirected energy better spent elsewhere.  At its worst, it’s derailing your efforts with negativity. People are often rotten, life is often unfair, and success requires great effort.  Complaining about any of these things is aimless and counterproductive. Let go of what cannot be influenced and act positively towards things you can change. Eliminate complaining and watch your days transform.

Controlling - Does everything need to be perfect? Voltaire nailed it: Perfect is the enemy of good. Perfectionism is control and trying to control everything is a fear-based reaction to life. Life is unpredictable. Just because you pretend like everything can be planned and controlled, doesn’t mean the chaos is not there under the surface. Controlling people don’t take risks.  And those who don’t take risks don’t get rewarded.  They just exist, safety… or so they delude themselves into thinking.  

Comparing - This can be done out of self loathing, people pleasing, or a palpable envy, but no matter the root cause, it’s a loser’s game. Sure, that person has it easy and is ungrateful and that one succeeded even though they don’t have half your talent, but what does that matter in your life? Stop defining success so narrowly alongside others you happen to run into.  There are 7 Billion People on this planet. You are both amazingly insignificant and unique.  Find out what that means for YOU.  


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Human Unlimited