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Women's Gray Every Saint Every Sinner Shirt

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Love my shirt!! Love the message!! Thank you!!. :) -Shashonea Lamb

I needed this shirt the moment I saw it. I love Oscar Wilde, and this quote in particular. I like how it reminds people to both stay humble or keep trying, whichever they need to hear at the moment. :) -Jessica Mayberry

So I have to show of my shirt! I love the message! Every Saint Has A Past Every Sinner Has A Future. Powerful Words! -Brandi Murphy

The Idea:
Every Saint has a Past, Every Sinner has a Future. . . This quote from Oscar Wilde is the great equalizer between Sinner and Saint. No one is born into either label and no one need stay there.  Saints can have checkered pasts and Sinners can have bright futures.

It is also a reminder that not everyone is as they seem, so we need to stop making snap judgements. Good and evil, and those who do each, are not drawings in black and white, but humans in dynamic, living color.

The shirt, however, only comes in two colors -- Charcoal and Gray.

The Shirt:
The combed and ring spun cotton of this Human Unlimited shirt makes it as comfortable as it is compelling. This relaxed fit Tee features a crew neck, short sleeves and a modern cut.

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