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The More Ornery Do No Harm Hoodie for Men

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I just wanted to say that I got my new shirt and not only do I love the cut and feel of the fabric but I just loved the presentation of the packaging. I just adore folks who put LOVE into the details!
- Fayren Chang

The Idea: 
Do No Harm, But Take No Shit... The public has spoken. Thousands of you wanted the shirt into a hoodie, so here you go.  

But what does it mean? As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Nice guys need not finish last. Define your values, make your priorities, be generous and let no one take advantage. The world is full of takers, but you don’t have to feed into that cycle of selfishness.  Doing no harm is a noble pursuit. As is, not taking shit from those who are less than noble.

You have our permission to immediately stop putting up with negative, selfish and mean spirited people. Although, if you work with them all, you might want to get a different job offer before you wear the hoodie. 

The Hoodie:
This hoodie is made from a super soft, high quality poly/cotton/rayon tri-blend and has a very comfortable and complimentary fit.   

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