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About The Intention Collection

This collection of designs highlights four mindsets we think will help everyone step out of their comfort zone and move through this year with strength and grace.  Shout out to HU cardist Kinsey for this wonderfully hand drawn family of designs.  

Face the Fear
The fears we don't face become our limits.  And often times, those limits are perceptions from within. So what holds us back is unfounded and self-created fear that actually doesn't exist.  As mom used to say, there is nothing to be afraid of.  These ideas are explored within a beautifully drawn and slightly abstracted lion.

Float On
Sometimes what isn't there says more than what is. This design highlights negative space, reminding us that even when life feels heavy, gets chaotic, or just goes bat-shit crazy, if we take a breath and make the room, we can float on through anything.

Let it Go
The oldest living tree is nearly 5000 years old in the White Mountains of California. That's an old tree. And like many trees, every year, needles and leaves are lost. They brown and fall away, only to come back - crisp, green, and new. This design reminds us the weight of what happened in the past is not worth holding onto. If we shed what we no longer have the power to change, we make room for something even better, fresher. 

Rise Up
This design reminds us that growth begins from the ground up: seeds sprout, flowers bloom, and we do too. Sometimes we get pretty high only to get knocked down. That's okay. We can always re-root. And once we do, we grow again, taller than before.

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