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The Fail Shirt for Women

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I just wanted to say that I got my new shirt and not only do I love the cut and feel of the fabric but I just loved the presentation of the packaging. I just adore folks who put LOVE into the details!
- Fayren Chang

The Idea:
FAIL: First Attempt In Learning. . . “In the fixed mindset, when you fail; you're a failure. In the growth mindset, when you fail; you're learning.” - Carol Dweck

It is the fundamental view of the self that fuels a person’s resilience and perseverance. If you believe failure at a task means you’re a failure as a human, you’re not bound to try many new things. What kind of life is that?

We must re-calibrate our minds to see failure for what it truly is, a First Attempt In Learning. You try things, you fail.  It’s inevitable. Failure is not the end, it’s the beginning.

The Shirt:
This Human Unlimited Tee features original hand lettering and a crew neck, short sleeves and a modern, relaxed fit, made with gray combed and ring spun cotton. 


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