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Live Your Truth Blind Pre-Order!


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Blind pre-order back open! Get any two designs from the upcoming Live Your Truth collection for $40! 

Here's how it works: :-)
1) Purchase this blind pre-order.
2) We'll send you the special blind pre-order offer code right before we launch the Live Your Truth collection on May 5th.
3) You can select any 2 of the 4 designs and get the best deal we've ever offered. maybe we don't want you to be totally blind.  Here are some hints as to what's coming:

Mr. Bones
If you've ever wondered whose hand it is on the more ornery tank and transcend flow, you'll now find out! :-) This is the first red shirt we have ever done.  It's a super soft unisex tee and will be available in XS - 3XL. Distressed printing gives it a 1970s rock concert tee look and feel. It will be a fun one to cut the sleeves off for the summer.  

Gold Sketch
The artist that did Glitter for the Transcend collection came back with another awesome design for Live Your Truth. She rocks. This will be on a white tank (same cut as the more ornery and transcend tanks) with metallic gold printing.  Sizing will be available from small - XXL.

When we rolled out the Transcend collection you may recall seeing the breathe illustration.  If not, you can view it here. It didn't make it to a shirt (for now), but people loved it, loved the artist, and we're super stoked that his work has made it into the Live Your Truth collection with Uncaged.  This will be on a super soft women's black tee.  Sizing will be available from XS - 4XL.    

Kids Doodle
It wasn't part of the plan to do a kids shirt, but isn't it fun how plans change?  A concept came through that's just absolutely awesome for little people.  A bunch of us at Human Unlimited have kids, we know a bunch of our customers have kids, so we're doing a limited run and making this one available for customers only.  Kids Doodle is on a white unisex tank, great for the summer, with sizing for 4 - 10 year olds.  

Have fun!  



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