Classes are donation-based and also streamed live from our Facebook page for folks at home. $5 is our minimum suggested donation but, every bit counts so give what you can. We're in the Wallhaven Building above Einstein's and across from Swenson's at 1650 West Market Street, Suite 31. Park in the back. Doors open 30 minutes prior to start time. If you have any questions email or send us a message on Facebook.  We've also answered some frequently asked questions below.

Text HU to 63103 for updates regarding holiday schedules, new teachers, and other special events and workshops!

Q. How long are classes?
Classes are 60 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 75 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.  

Q. How is parking?
Parking is great.  Plenty of open spots in the back of the Wallhaven building. Please don't park in front of East of Chicago Pizza.  

Q. What if I am new to yoga, can I still come?
Yep! We would recommend our Friday all-levels class. They are a bit easier to follow, but you can jump in any day.  Just have patience with yourself.  

Q. What if I am super new to yoga, as in I have never done it before?
It really comes down to your comfort level.  Most all of us have started with some form of an in-home practice. Back in the day this was DVDs.  Now there are super awesome websites like  For $18 a month you can get access to a bunch of great videos to get started.  There are also great free classes on YouTube. You might want to check this one out. Our flows will be a bit quicker than what you find in beginner classes, but the movements will be familiar. We'll be here. Come when you're ready.

Q. Is it hot?
Yes. Temperature ranges from 90 to 95 degrees.  Warm, but not crazy-bikram hot.  :-)