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We get that you're busy; this'll take 3 minutes, max. (if url contains fb page) No credit card (or work) required for your free 7 day trial. :-)    

CompanionLabs takes the guess work out of manual bidding on Facebook ads.  It finds the optimal bid levels for your campaigns so you can get more predictable and efficient advertising performance at scale!

 The way it works is simple:

1) CompanionLabs identifies ad sets in your Facebook campaigns where bid performance could be improved.  

2) It then analyzes and suggests various bid levels to test.  

3) Then its predictive algorithm grades the winners and losers on an A through F scale.

You shut off poor performing bid levels and keep the winners on.  And there is nothing new to learn. The results flow right into the native Facebook or third-party tools you use to manage your Facebook campaigns today!