The Women of HU (and Chad)

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou

We wanted to highlight a few of the amazing women working their asses off here at HU. Who are they? Where do the come from? We talked to our managers for International Women's Day about their inspiring stories. From Left to Right...

Robin: Customer Relations and Fulfillment
Culture is a huge part of what Robin loves here at HU and she’s a huge part of keeping it all working like a well oiled machine.

“I love hard work and I love this job. I am in charge of customer service and I help balance the creative and production side of the business. I love what we’re doing, and I get a unique perspective on how we’re impacting lives. So often a card hits a customer where they are and gives them a fire to get them through something and move forward. And the gear we put out. It’s symbolic, empowering, and, for some people, it is their armor. That’s revolutionary. The human connection is just so worthwhile.”  

She also loves her son, Andrew, and… her husband?

“I’m not married, Thank God.”

Kinsey: Creative Design
Before coming to HU, Kinsey spent many of her young years travelling, being homeless and panhandling with her partner and their dogs. The dogs made them a lot of cash, “People would always give money and tell us to feed our dogs.  We let them know they ate better than we did.”

We can thank Kinsey, and Adrianne, for the inspiring cards that come with our shirts and developing many T-shirt designs. The cards started as a simple Thank You -- silver pen on Black paper.

“I started to personalize them more, and brought more edge and brand into the card creation. Then when Adrianne came around, she added the colors, and then each artist we brought on brought their own personality and creativity to the cards. It worked.” 

Chad: Marketing 
Not a woman, but pictured here because he's a manager and he has some damn fine hair. Is that sexist?

Maria: Brand and Merchandising
She grew up in suburbia, was her high school prom queen and a marching band geek. “I had acrylic nails. Then I did a 180.”

Post 180, she backpacked Western Europe, wrote for the local newspaper as an entertainment reporter, joined a mild-mannered cult, and worked in PR at a rocker retreat in southern Ohio, “run by the Jefferson Airplane guitar guy.”

After she got her MFA in Creative Nonfiction back in Akron, she went corporate and affectionately describes those workplaces as “total shitshows.” (Not the guitar ranch, though.) But she gained a lot of good experience for her work now at HU, which she loves.  

“People need this company. I have been blessed in life to be exposed to wellness and positivity and affirmation.  A lot of people haven’t been as lucky. I love that we give people that needed positivity that they might not get from home or work.  People love what we do and it’s SO important.”

Adrianne: Customer Experience
A dancer, artist, and an early childhood educator, Adrianne sought out a job at HU as a new way to explore creative outlets.

“Here we experience a lot of unique opportunities with our team and there are so many creative outlets. We interact and engage with one another and the customers and this is a very positive place to be.”

When she’s not running the customer experience ship, Adrianne is combining sports and travel -- road cycling, hiking, ocean sports -- and has been throughout the Continental US, except Montana. Nothing against Montana, it just got skipped.

From a few of HU's strong women, and Chad, to you and yours: "Happy International Women's Day!"

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